CPF Prayer for the Canonization of Servant of God Dorothy Day (Every Friday) – 3/6/15

CPF Prayer for the Canonization of Servant of God Dorothy Day (Every Friday) – 3/6/15





“The alarm goes off at six thirty. If you turn the radio on at once you get five minutes of devastating news of the mass slaughter in Flanders, the attempts of the troops to get over to England. The retreat of Napoleon’s army from Moscow is the only thing comparable to it in human misery. For a long time there was a careful avoidance of mention of the blood and anguish of war. One would think war went on mechanically with little loss in human lives. A mechanized war. But the mechanization of war, like the mechanization of agriculture in this country, means mass misery and death.

If a Catholic, one’s first thought at that hour of the morning is Mass. The one immediate step to be taken towards peace. Daily Mass and Communion are so necessary now that it is though we were neglecting to save our brothers, reach them a helping hand in their agony, when we omit going. . .Praying in unison with others, corporate prayer, ascending before the throne of God, is one great means we have in our power to bring relief.” from “Day After Day – Thoughts On Breadlines And On The War” By Dorothy Day, The Catholic Worker, June 1940, 1, 4.

CPF Prayer for the Canonization of Servant of God Dorothy Day (Every Friday) – 3/6/15

Each Friday the Catholic Peace Fellowship prays for the canonization of one of its early advisers the Servant of God Dorothy Day. We invite you to join us in this prayer. For more information on Dorothy Day Canonization Support Network and the Guild for the Canonization of Dorothy Day please contact our staff.

Prayer for the Intercession of Servant of God Dorothy Day:
God our Creator,
Your servant Dorothy Day exemplified the
Catholic faith by her conversion,
life of prayer and voluntary poverty,
works of mercy, and
witness to the justice and peace
of the Gospel.
May her life
inspire people
to turn to Christ as their savior and guide,
to see his face in the world’s poor and
to raise their voices for the justice
of God’s kingdom.
We pray that you grant the favors we ask
through her intercession so that her goodness
and holiness may be more widely recognized
and one day the Church may
proclaim her Saint.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Prayer from the Dorothy Day Guild

The Dorothy Day Guild is collecting physical petitions in support of the cause for Day’s canonization. If you can, please follow the link, print out the petition, fill it out and mail it in. Petitions will become part of the documentation forwarded to the Vatican offices that oversee the canonization process.See:

Please also visit The Dorothy Day Canonization Support Network

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