Basic Weekend Workshop

The Catholic Peace Fellowship offers workshops on the topics of war, peace, conscience, conscientious objection, and Church teaching. CPF always offers a session on the theological basis behind conscientious objection to war. We then cover topics geared toward specific groups. Topics include:

1) Ministry to soldiers in the military, 2) Reaching students in high schools (counter recruitment), 3) Being prepared in case of a draft (in the schools, at home, in parishes, etc.), 4) Church teaching/statements about the war in Iraq.

Our hope is that, through these workshops, participants will form local CPF chapters in their schools, parishes, dioceses, and communities, furthering our goal of “stopping war, one person at a time.”

Download a sample schedule of CPF’s workshop in Oklahoma City.

CPF Training: How to give interactive presentations to high school youth on the Draft, War, and Conscience

An effective way to counter the military’s efforts to recruit our youth for war is to make sure that young people are able to make decisions that have been formed by church teaching on war and peace and informed about military life and selective service law.

CPF has developed an interactive presentation to fit these needs. Role-plays are designed to activate the consciences of youth by taking them through the steps of a military draft with opportunities to discuss choices, the morality of their decisions, and the laws involved with each decision.

Through this workshop, you will learn how to give such presentations. You will learn about, prepare for, and rehearse basic talks for draft-age youth and their parents.

For more information, download a printable version of our workshop pamphlet.Download an information sheet about why Catholic diosceses should be concerned about a military Draft.

If you would like to bring CPF to your area for one of the above workshops, please email us at staff (at) catholicpeacefellowship (dot) org.