I have been a CO since I was 10 years old when my Uncle “Bud” Day taught me the way of settling disputes peacefully. Although he was in the Navy, my uncle soon learned that military action and war is not the way to live or make changes. He taught this philosophy to numerous nations and peoples before his death a few years ago. In his honor, the New Day Peace Center (in Flagstaff, AZ) was named for him and continues to teach the peaceful way. I have been involved with the peace movement since 2000 and will continue to fight war no matter where I move or what I do. There is no need for senseless war – such as we have now. I can’t understand why people can’t see the destruction of the economy, environment, culture and innocent people that the US is causing in the name of OIL ! I do not believe in killing people for the sake of oil. I attend as many peace rallies and programs as I can and will always be active in the movement. I wish more countries were like my Dad’s homeland of Costa Rica – no military at all ! And I wish for more people like my Uncle who taught the world a peaceful lesson all his life. I am a “Budist” thanks to my uncle.


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