Church Statements About War in Iraq and Afghanistan

New Pope a Strong Critic of War,
April 20, 2005, CPF Staff

Signs of the Times:
Papal Envoy Meets Bush
March 17, 2003, America

Cardinal Pio Leghi
Papal Envoy to Bush
March 5, 2003

Papal envoy meets Bush,
Reiterates Vatican Opposition to Iraq War
March 5, 2003

Christians Cannot Participate in Unjust War, A Lenten Message
by Most Reverend John Michael Botean
March 2003

Cardinal Ratzinger on Iraq
September 24, 2002

Statement on War with Iraq
Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory
President, USCCB
March 19, 2003

Archbishop O’Brien
Archbishop for the Military Services
September 30, 2002
February 3, 2003

Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran
Vatican Undersecretary for
Relations with States
September 10, 2002