I believe in a Savior that came down from Heaven in order to teach us the way of peace. I believe in loving my enemy and turning the other cheek, because my Lord died in order to teach me that lesson. In His ressurection He has proven that through Him love will triumph over hate, peace will triumph over war and life will triumph over death.

I believe in a God that has consistently, through prophets, saints and finally my Savior, given preference to the poor and marginalized. I believe that the story of God’s grace is uncompromisingly a story of liberation for all people, and that this story is still unfolding through global struggles for liberation today.

I believe that I have been called to participate in God’s Kingdom in this life, as well as in the future. I believe I see glimpses of that Kingdom as I feed the hungry, play with neighborhood children, and protest all violence, be it interpersonal or international.

I believe that in order to follow my Lord, Jesus, I am called to reject all other lords and kings. I profess my alligence to the Kingdom of God which was given to us in absolute contradiction to the Kingdom of Rome. I believe that we must choose between the cross and the flag, and I choose the cross. By becoming a citizen of the Kingdom of God I reject all other claims to citizenship, calling all of humanity my brothers and sisters.

I believe that to salute a flag, hold a gun, pay for a war or strike a child would be to reject my Lord and Savior, and I unequivocally refuse to do any of those things.


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