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A network of nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations that provide information to service members about military discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights.


Conscientious objection (CO) is a sincere conviction, motivated by conscience, that forbids someone from participation in war. This objection may apply to all forms or to particular aspects of war. Conscientious objectors to war in any form receive an honorable discharge.


Many veterans have experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds that stem from their participation in war. To the extent that our resources permit, we want to help.

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Help raise a mighty league of conscientious objectors! Our resources are few, but with your help, CPF can keep reaching out to soldiers and students, sharing the Church's tradition of peace. And just think how much is being spent to "share" the tradition of war... A LOT.
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"We Go On Record"
Our online community of conscience: post and read statements of conscientious objection. (Temporarily down and Under Construction)

Church Teaching
For two thousand years, the Church has confronted issues of war and peace. What has it said, and what about now?
The Sign of Peace

The Sign of Peace journal brings a theological and scholarly look to matters of war and peace.

The CPF currently has three new issues of The Sign of Peace in the works. Please give today to help bring these issues to press! We are working to have a new issue out before the conclusion of 2012.

The Spring 2010 issue was on "Mennonites, Catholics, and the Peace of Christ"

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